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First up is Bud; he is a pushing 50 ex-air force kind of guy. He makes good use of his Certified Netware Engineer status as the Computer and Network Coordinator for a local manufacturing firm. He also does some free-lance programming (some of the stuff he's done is available for download here). It's good for his ego for him to think that he is he lord and master of the household, but deep down he knows who's really in charge (see Tammy, below). Bud hails from near Port Jervis, NY. Port Jervis is a lovely, calcifying little town along the Delaware river, about 80 miles north of New York City.  It is also a good place to be from.

Tammy is Bud's lovely wife. She comes to us from Montana. To answer the question -- they met in Germany, where she was also doing a tour of duty in the Air Force. Tammy has a weakness for what Bud calls "heaving bosom books". Some claim the reason they bought a house was because Bud got tired of carrying the boxes full of books around. She is in the Vermont Air National Guard,




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