47 Spring Street
Keeseville, NY 12944

Voice: (518) 834-6083  


Professional Summary: I am a Certified Netware Engineer (CNE) with 20 years experience with a variety of platforms.  I am skilled in network design, implementation, administration, systems integration, testing and end user training.  I have demonstrated excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and have supervisory and management experience.

Skills:  My experience includes Netware versions 3.12 through version 6.0,  Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 professional and Server, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, MySql, Sybase, Windows 95, OS/2,  Mac/OS.  Proficient with maintenance and installation of  Ethernet, Arcnet, TCP/IP, IPX, NetBEUI, and various network infrastructure hardware & software, including proxy servers, e-mail/groupware servers, web servers, etc.

Professional Experience:

MIS Manager Sep 00 – Present
Mold-Rite Plastics, INC

I am responsible for the on-going maintenance and support for 75 computers on a homogenous Netware/Windows2000 Network that is used in support of the company’s manufacturing process.   This includes specialized monitoring and printing equipment.  

Responsible for integration of in-house systems with outside computer systems (i.e., UPS and FedEx. mold monitoring).  

Designed and implemented company intranet and internet access using Novell Border Manager proxy server.

Performed database administration on Microsoft SQL2000 and Sybase versions 7 and 8.  Wrote custom programs to interface various systems and for creating custom reports. 

Computer & Network Coordinator Feb 98 – Sep 00
Champlain Valley Educational Services

I was responsible for the acquisition, implementation, integration, and maintenance of over 250 personal computers in an environment composed of a 70/30 mix of Windows and Macintosh computers.  I installed and maintained a multi-site network with 5 Novell servers, and 3 Windows NT servers and related WAN links.  I documented system requirements and selected vendors as appropriate.  I familiarized users with new equipment and software, and performed all end-user training.  I created and maintained the organizations’ web site (web page, e-mail and FTP server).

Network & Systems Engineer, Jun 92 – Feb 98
Office Systems, Plattsburgh, NY

Office Systems is a Network Systems Integrator. For about 40 client companies, I was responsible for network design, implementation, and administration and testing in multi-server, LAN/WAN environments.  Approximately 50% of my time spent problem solving and troubleshooting. The remainder was spent designing network systems to meet user requirements.  I interacted with about 120 key contacts at these companies on a regular basis as well as other employees as needed.  Originally, I worked for Computer Works, which was purchased by Office Systems in July 1995.

United States Air Force (honorable discharge), Jan 81 - Jun 92

Base Small Computer Manager, Plattsburgh AFB, NY May 91 - Jun 92

I was responsible for the purchase, repair and coordination of about 1,200 base-wide PC computer resources, including hardware and software.  I conducted user training and developed customized programs for base wide dissemination.  I supervised 2 administrators and managed vendor and staff repairs.

Communications Center Supervisor, Oct 90 - May 91

I managed the receipt and transmission of several hundred communications in a 24 hour, 7 day a week environment.  I supervised 4 message center processors, and designed & implemented improved message handling software.  I developed training methods to improve section reliability and performance.

CATIS Computer Center Manager, Sept 88 - Oct 90

I was responsible for the day-to-day operations of three VAX 8350 mainframe computers in the Computer Aided Tactical Information System (CATIS) center.  I performed system manager duties, managed 10 computer operators, scheduled shifts, did all operator training.  I wrote customized backup, storage management and certification programs.

Small Computer Support Team Leader, Apr 83 - Sep 88

I was responsible for the on schedule and under budget deployment of over 1500 PC-based computer terminals.  I developed management tools and procedures, and performed computer installation, repair, and upgrades.

Various non-computer related military duties, Jan 81 - Mar 83

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