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Motorcycle Wheel Chocks

This is a PDF file of plans for Wheel chocks for your motorcycle. These are the cool kind -- roll your bike onto it and it locks on to the front wheel. Many thanks to CruisingRam at the Motorcycle Journal Forums for providing these plans for free download.  If you have any questions about the plans, please contact CruisingRam at the forums; I'm not a good enough engineer to be of much help.

Here's a sample pic, again provided by CrusingRam:


WheelChocks.PDF (appx 565K)
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Message Board Windows 9X, ME, NT, 2000

This simple utility does nothing more than display messages. I wrote it to use as part of the network login process at the company where I work; an automatic bulletin board, if you will. Messages are stored in a data file, and are displayed with the most recent one first. The user can scroll through the messages as they like.

This is a 32-bit windows gui application

6/10/2001 update -- major re-write. The program has been re-christened "message board". New features include easier implementation of multiple message files, faster file access, better network behavior, and message printing. This is a shareware product.

3/14/01 update -- allows message data file to be specified on the command line, exits if no messages.

Message Board Version 2.0
Approx. 164K, Zip format

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Previous version (MOTD ver 1.1)
Approx. 32K, ZIP format
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XKILL Windows 9X, ME, NT, 2000

XKILL is a simple utility for mass-deleting files. I wrote it to be used in conjunction with the DIR command, so it only accepts redirected input.

This is a 32-bit console app.


Example 1 -- delete the files, no screen display needed

Example 2 -- Delete the files, listing them to the screen.

Example 3 -- Don't delete the files, just list them to the screen.

Example 4 -- Pipe output of a DOS command into XKILL.
DIR D:\TEMP\*.* /s/b | XKILL


01 Jan 02 -- initial public release
Approx 15K, Zip Format
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NIMS Mailbox Tweaker Windows 9X, ME, NT, 2000

The Novell NetMail (formerly known as the Novell Internet Messaging System, or NIMS) is fantastic e-mail server for Netware servers. It provides standards based Internet e-mail without the baggage of Groupwise, Exchange, or Notes.

If you are converting users from POP3 access to IMAP4, there could a small cosmetic problem. When moving messages from the user's local message folders to IMAP folders, the header gets stamped with the date & time you moved the message. Also, in the case of IE5, the header may not reflect the "true" sender of the message. This causes the message list appear with your name as the sender. Opening the message reveals the correct information.

This utility repairs mail headers after conversion from POP to IMAP by putting the date/time of the message (as extracted from the Date: line, no time zone adjustments are made) in the header. It also looks at the sender entry in the header, and if it doesn't look like a valid e-mail address, it will try to extract the e-mail address from the "From:" line and put it in the header.

This program is normally used with redirected input, like so:


The /B/S on the dir command creates a bare directory listing, and recurses down the subdirectory tree. It is recommended that you unload NetMail (IMS UNLOAD)  before using this utility to avoid any chance of file corruption or lost messages

The original mailbox is renamed to *.OLD. The matching index file (*.idx) is deleted if found. This forces NetMail to re-create it, helping ensure the index's integrity.

For the record: I do not work for Novell, and neither Novell nor the NetMail development team had "officially" endorsed this utility. When you use it, you are tinkering with a user's mail store, so please make backups first.

05 Jan 02 -- Initial public Release
Approx. 18K, ZIP format
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IMAP Copy Windows 2000, XP

IMAPCOPY will transfer messages from one mail server to another using the IMAP protocol.

Alas, the original author's web page has gone away, but an archive it can still be found here. The software was released under the GNU public license, so I don't think I'm breaking any laws by having it for download on my site.

08 APR 2008 -- added to download library; see above Download Source Code
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