Our Picture Album

We moved the pictures from the main web page so that the main page wouldn't be so slow loading up. As you might guess, this page will take a while, since it has lots of graphics.


Nathan on the tractor
Nathan's trying out Grandpa's 1939 John Deere 'L'.  We have a lot of fun during the summer participating in tractor pulls at county fairs.
This particular tractor has been in the family since it was new.

Tara being hopeful
Same tractor, different kid.
This is at the Chenago County fair in '97. Tara learning's how to drive it. who knows -- maybe she'll be bringing home the blue ribbon soon.

Grandma Evelyn bought this little tree for Nathan when she was out for a summer visit.

Then the snow came on New Year's day.

A Rachel-sized snow angel

Yes, this is the same child who made the snow angel.

This was taken about a week after the nor'easter of March 2001. Official snowfall for Keeseville: 32 inches.